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Senior Pricing
For many reasons the High School Senior Portrait happens at the best time in a young adult's life. It is considered one of the best photographic investments. It is one of the times that price should not be the only consideration. 

Although we would love to display all of our products online, it would be nearly impossible. McDonald Studio offers an extensive collection of portrait packages, al a Carte and custom framed products. Our passionate staff will make every effort to create artwork for your home in addition to heirlooms for your family. We strive to make every effort in creating specialty products and display options to suit every style and taste. Your Personal Sales Consultant will offer the very best to you as they guide you in image selection, gifting and home décor options. The viewing of your original images will be presented on a large screen high-definition monitor for the best interpretation of clarity and quality. Many of our clients fall in love with their portraits and invest from $500-$900. However, for as little as $150-$200 you will receive a larger one for yourself and several smaller ones for your family and friends.

Please call us for a Portrait Consultation so you can make the best decision for this most valuable portrait experience at 547-232-2003 or 800-335-4823.